Flash Rewards Scam 2022: Legit Earning App Or Scam? Find Out!

Have You heard or come across Flash Rewards online and want to find out if it is a scam or legit platform? Read this review to find out more about Flash Rewards

What is Flash Rewards Scam

. Flash Rewards is a site that promises users gift cards from eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and other shopping sites by completing tasks or playing games. It claims that You can earn more coins if you play more games or complete more tasks. It’s also available as an app in Play Store. The Flash Rewards claim to operate marketing and promotional websites that use surveys and user-supplied and collected information to match users with advertisers and deals. The sites are promoted with rewards – typically gift cards and merchandise – which users can earn by completing a specified number of deals. These deals typically require a purchase or a subscription to a service.

Is Flash Rewards Scam?

So many people are of the view that Flash Rewards is a scam platform. There are so many negative reviews about the platform on Trustpilot, but there are also some positive reviews of people who claim to have earned from the platform. However the negative reviews outweigh the positive as such we do not recommend this App.

Don’t let them lie to you they are a scam they changed the prize and says 2 of last 3 deals not complete and last one gone so I can’t even send screen shot I’m headed to Ftc Website to turn them in for fraud and false advertisement I’m picking these scammers off one by one



From the foregoing it is not really clear if the Flash Rewards app is a legit one, even as it is on Google Play store. The negative reviews about this app is overwhelming, as such we do not recommend.

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