January 30, 2024
Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova $4.2M FTC settlement 2023: Is It a Scam? Find Out!

Did you receive a notice from Fashion Nova? Did you receive a mail about a class action on the settlement to resolve claims about the Fashion Nova $4.2M FTC lawsuit? This review will help you partake in the class action settlement after confirming the authenticity of the mail.

What Is Fashion Nova $4.2M FTC Class Action Settlement?

The FTC secured a $4.2 million settlement with Fashion Nova to resolve claims that the online clothing retailer deleted negative reviews on its products. the name of the case is In the Matter of Fashion Nova LLC, FTC File No. 192 3138.

What Is This Class Action All About?

The FTC filed an investigation against Fashion Nova, arguing the online clothing retailer suppressed lower ratings and negative reviews in order to make its products more attractive to buyers. The website allegedly did not publish reviews with three stars or fewer. 

Fashion Nova is an online clothing retailer that sells clothing for men, women and children, along with products in other categories. 

Fashion Nova agreed to pay $4.2 million to resolve the review fraud lawsuit in 2020. 

Under the terms of the settlement, the FTC will send out refunds to affected consumers. Fashion Nova customers can receive refunds even if they received a refund from one of the other settlements reached between Fashion Nova and the FTC in recent years.

Who Is Eligible?

The settlement benefits all class members or consumers who purchased products on FashionNova.com before Nov. 21, 2019, whose purchase decisions were influenced by reviews, who were not satisfied with their products, and who have not already received a refund for the products.

How To Be Part of This Settlement

For a class member to partake in this settlement, consumers must file a claim by Aug. 15, 2023. No objection or exclusion deadline is available for this FTC settlement. The settlement website is FTC.gov/enforcement/refunds/fashion-nova-settlement.

What Is The Pay For This Settlement?

The pay for this settlement varies and the proof of purchase is Proof of purchase on Fashion Nova.


As you submit your claim to the settlement website is FTC.gov/enforcement/refunds/fashion-nova-settlement, just like Data Breach class action settlement we have reviewed , you’re doing so under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. The FTC settlement was finalized March 18, 2022.

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