November 26, 2023
Scam Text

UPS Unpaid Customs Charge Text- SCAM!

Have you received a ‘UPS Unpaid Customs Charge text message? If yes, It is a scam! The SMS text message is fake and created by cybercriminals to steal your personal and financial information. If you have received the text messages do not attempt to click the link in them.

UPS Unpaid Customs Charge Text Scam- How It Works!

The scam message goes like this – ‘We have attempted to deliver ur package UPS016448296GB, but there is an unpaid customs charge. Follow the instructions here: https://bit .do/fK64f

What happens when you click on the link? You’d be taken to a malicious website where your personal and financial information would be stolen. How does this happen? They place trojans [virus] on the website so that when people visit the website, it would infiltrate their computers or phones.

What to do About UPS Unpaid Customs Charge Text

If you have received similar text messages like this one, do not click on the link. You should either delete the message or ignore it completely! It is advised that you inform your friends and family so no one falls prey to this scam.

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