November 17, 2023
Buzbug Mosquito Zapper

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Reviews 2022: Is It Worth Your Money? Find Out!

Are you looking for an effective mosquito killer? Have you come across the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper? Do you want to buy the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper? Do you want to find out if it is authentic and worth your money? Read this review to find out more about Buzbug Mosquito Zapper

What is Buzbug Mosquito Zapper?

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper is a bug zapper that features a 4500V 18W high-intensity ultraviolet bulb with a wavelength of 365nm, which lures mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, etc., and then eliminates them immediately and efficiently.  It is Adopted with physical electrostatic shock instead of chemical aerosol, toxic substances, and insecticides, thus making sure this mosquito killer lamp is safe for both humans and pets. It’s also equipped with a solid safety grid to protect any mistaken touch from children.

It has a a voltage grid and heavy UV light, the maximum coverage area of this mosquito zapper is up to 2,000 Sq.ft.It can keep bothersome flying insects away from your indoor and outdoor living spaces like your kitchen, living room, dining room, patio, and backyard.

There are some key features that makes the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper stand out and they include:

  • It is a water proof insect killer,  which satisfy the need for outdoor use. You can simply hang this trap anywhere by the attached loop to an ideal height, or put it on a flat and solid surface.
  • This bug zapper features a 4500V 18W high-intensity ultraviolet bulb with a wavelength of 365nm, which lures mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, etc., and then eliminates them immediately and efficiently.
  • The maximum coverage area of this mosquito repellent outdoor is up to 2,000 Sq. ft. A 4500 voltage grid and powerful UV light together with a weatherproof design make it ideal for bedrooms, balconies, garages, patios,


  • This bug zapper features a 12W high-intensity ultraviolet bulb with a wavelength of 365nm. Thus, it can lure mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, etc., and then eliminate them immediately and efficiently.
  • It has a 0.3 inch spacing safety grid which makes it good so it protects kids and pets.
  • It comes with a hidden tray set at the bottom of the bug zapper to collect the debris of the dead insects.


One thing 1 love about the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper is the zapping sound it makes when it kills mosquitoes, those tiny beasts! I’m just amazed at its efficiency it has not only filled the tray in one day but the overflow was impressive. However I am going to give it One less star simply because the tray is difficult to unscrew. I was impressed enough to just order another one in spite of the difficulty removing the tray. In all I can say it was wrth every penny spent!

Inasmuch as the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if the it lives up to its name, and this review would expose all that is needed to know about this product.

Does Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Live Up To Its Name?

From my own perspective and seeing that I use it, Yes, it does live up to its name. There are also various reviews online while some are positive, there are the negative ones too.

Ordered this as the previous order wasn’t up to standard. Wow it’s great and really does work. It’s been mostly moths so far but have been a few flies in the base too. Makes quite a loud noise when impact is made but at least you know it’s working. We just put ours on at night as not many bugs in through the day. Would recommend


We’ll worth the money, it has been thru heavy rain and it’s still functions perfectly..


We got this lamp based on the good reviews. But I am quite disappointed as it did not zap mosquitos as promised. To be fair, it did zap perhaps a total of two mosquitos since we put it out. I understand that mosquitos may be different in different regions, but this lamp is certainly no better than the other one I have tried which also has no effect.



  • It is eco friendly and safe to use
  • It is a weatherproof insect killer.
  • It has wide coverage and is highly effective
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • There are some complaints that it does not work.
  • It is pricey


From every indications, it is clear that the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper is a good mosquito/ Bug zapper as there are reviews verifying its authenticity. Click here to read reviews on other products we have talked about.

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