Boobie Bar Reviews 2022: Does This Lactation Bar Work? Find Out!

Are you a breastfeeding mum? Do you have low milk supply? Do you want to buy the Boobie Bar? Do you want to find out if Boobie Bar really work and if it is worth your money? Read this review to find out more about the Boobie Bar

What is Boobie Bar?

Boobie Bar is a lactaction chip for breastfeeding mum. It is packed with a  Blend of lactogenic superfoods that naturally increase milk supply. Milk to the Max Bars are expertly formulated to increase milk supply with one convenient, ready to eat bar – no more pills to swallow, no more teas to brew!

Boobie bars are made with made with Moringa, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Shatavari, Flaxseed, and Whole Grain Oats for milk-boosting lactation support.

Inasmuch as the Boobie bar looks legit, the main concern of this review is to ascertain if it lives up to its name, and this review would expose all that is needed to know about it

Does Boobie bar Really work?

There are so many positive reviews on Amazon about this product, so Yes, it does work and is a good choice for mothers.

These bars are a god send!! I was pumping .5oz between BOTH boobs it was dishartining to say the least. My baby was crying constantly and I knew she was hungry. I tried all the tips and tricks and would squeeze out 1 ounce between both boobs if I was lucky. I bought two boxes of these to try (oatmeal chocolate chip) not only do they taste AMAZING I now get 7!!!!

Ounces from ONE boob! Do you ladies hear me!!? I get 7 ounces in my first pump session of the day 5:30am ish after feeding all night too! Then I get about 3/4 ounces PER BOOB through out the rest of the day. This is a magic bar please if your struggling with low supply the cost is worth it!


Some Features Of the Boobie bar

  • Powered by 6 milk-boosting superfoods
  • No more pills to swallow,
  • no more teas to brew
  • Created by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Has different flavours


  • The boobie bar provide 6g of fiber and are a healthy alternative to lactation cookies. The ideal lactation supplement for nursing moms.
  • It is made with ingredients that moms trust,  Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Certified Kosher, and Fenugreek-Free. Made in the USA.
  • It was CREATED BY CERTIFIED LACTATION CONSULTANT – Founder, Nurse Wendy, is an RN and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She expertly crafts all Boobie products for optimal support of motherhood.


  • Some customers have complained that it gave them diarrhea
  • Some customers have complained that it has a bad texture


From the foregoing it is clear that the Boobie bar is an amazing and authentic product as such we do recommend. Click Here To read about other products that we have reviewed.

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