February 19, 2024
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60 Minutes Grandparent Scam! Beware Of This Scam Call!!

Have you received a call from someone claiming to be your Grandchild and being involved in an accident? This is The 60 Minutes Grandparent Scam. Do you want to know if it is a scam? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about the 60 Minutes Grandparent Scam.

What is The 60 Minutes Grandparent Scam?

 60 Minutes Grandparent Scam is the latest scam that scammers are using to swindle parents and Grandparents.

The scam usually starts with a phone call from a hysterical person claiming to be your grandchild, something terrible has happened, and they need your help. They need money

This week on 60 Minutes, correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi interviewed some seniors targeted through a specific con called the grandparent scam. It’s where an imposter pretends to be a grandchild in trouble, afraid to tell their parents, but in need of money.

“They said my grandson had an accident…And to get him out of jail they need $7,600,” Judy Attig told 60 Minutes.  

Attig and her husband Ron handed the money to a courier who was in on the scam. They said the con artists were very convincing.

Fraudsters can target victims through the grandparent scam by phone call, email and text message, with many using details from social media to make their stories more believable.

What To Do To Prevent Falling For The Grandparent Scam

  • Verify the caller, ask some questions that your Grandchild should know, like your nickname, favorite food, etc.
  • Always ask questions, don’t let the caller question you. Be the one to ask the questions.


If you’ve been the victim of the 60 Minutes Grandparent Scam, contact your financial institution immediately, report the incident to the police too.

I hope this helps!

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