32665 Instagram Scam: Tap To Reset Your Instagram Password Scam. Beware!!

Did you receive a text from 32665 asking you to Tap to Reset your Instagram Password? Do you want to know if its a scam text? You are at the right place. Read this review to find out more about 32665 Instagram Scam.

What is 32665 Instagram Scam?

 These are scam texts sent by scammers. The scam text comes from 32665 and it asks you to “Tap to Reset Your Instagram Password”

The text may make it look authentic but the worst is just a tap away. One click, and it can land users into some serious trouble. It is sent by scammers trying to get access into your account and steal your information. Even if you have been logged out, or facing any sorts of trouble in Instagra,, it is the Instagram app that will walk you through everything. No texts or calls are sent by Instagram.

There is an ongoing conversation on Reddit about this 32665 Instagram Scam.

Reasons Why You Should Not Click On The Tap To Reset Your Instagram Password Scam Text.

When you click on the link you are exposing yourself to all sorts of malwares, virus and spywares which are harmful to your devices.


To be on the safer side, Social media Users should be wary of clicking on links and inputting their passwords online except it is an official page. Do not click on links as this is the fastest and easiest way to get your account hacked, Use a strong Password too, and once you notice you have clicked on any suspicious websites, quickly go to your settings and change your password to a stronger one. It is also important to turn on two-factor authentication in your settings for added security.

I hope this helps!

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