November 21, 2023
100btcus Reviews 2022: SCAM! Busted! Beware!

Have you heard of 100btcus Trading? Do you want to know if it is scam or legit? Read this review to find out more about it.

What is 100btcus

100btcus located at is a scam investment website that claims to trade Crypto and Forex trading. It claims that it was created for people interested in crypto markets but had little knowledge about trading or how cryptocurrency works. 100btcus is a scam investment company that claims to have been developed under the control of an experienced team of highly qualified financial experts and professional traders for private highly profitable online investments.

It claims that recharge withdrawal can be completed in 3 minutes at the earliest, and 24h manual online audit can protect customers from missing the best investment opportunities, but this is a lie as when you want to withdraw you are asked to pay tax.

However this is a scam, after investing when it is time to withdraw you are asked to pay for tax, in essence you can not withdraw your money. . This screams FAKE.

The people behind these scams simply keep on launching new “systems” and “apps” under new names like , attempt to escape the negative reviews so that they can continue tricking people into joining.

There is no doubt that that it is a scam as several people have left some negative reviews online calling it for what it is, A SCAM just like Usdtaonim

This is a scam site. This is organized crime. Everyone will hail Mr.Kevin as if he is helping you to make money. When you try to take your money out, they will say you have to pay 15% tax to IRS. They will ask you to pay 15% more and your money is gone. Totally scam. Beware!!!! Please don’t get cheated as me.

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From the foregoing, it is clear that 100btcus Trading is a scam just like Dotxbep which we reviewed earlier, Investors should be wary of such sites as their aims are to rip off unsuspecting investors.

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5 thoughts on “ Reviews 2022: SCAM! Busted! Beware!

  1. Yes, you are right. I am one of their victims. I lost lot of money. They just don’t transfer your money back. Once you pay them, they will shut down whatsapp group and kick you out of their website.

    1. STAY AWAY – is a total scam site, they have various assistant names like Johanna, Amanda, Annie, and register Whatsapp accounts from European telephone numbers, and make names like Kevin, Henry, Adam, and David as their specialist traders. Once you invest, they will show trading platforms with money in USDT. As soon as you apply for withdrawals, that is when the never-ending problems start. They want a commission, they want processing fees, they want to pay taxes, and after you cough up all those funds, you will see them kick you out (literally) off of their communication platform (Whatsapp) in most cases, and onto the street. Stay AWAY.

    2. Yes this is a big scam to steal money from investors like you and me. Luckly I invested only $100 that after one week of “amazing trades” led by the guru Mr. Kevin turned into more than $63,000. It was really too good to be true and when they requested the payment of 10% of the profits as tax to the IRS to withdraw the money I was able to see in a clear way the scam. I told them that I would not pay anything in advance and that they could take the 10% from the 63K profit. They got nervous and started to threat me that I would have to pay them the taxes so I decided to shut down all the WhatsApp group that I was part of and blocked them. They are really criminals people taking advantage of the financial crisis that is affecting many of us… STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!

      1. I had my crypto stolen from my account. crypto-recoveryltd ..c0m had to trace it. It was deposited into Binance.
        I had a police detective contact Binance several times. They refuse to cooperate with the police or provide any information. This was almost a year ago. Not a single response other than an autoresponder email

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